Mission & Charter

Our Mission

To initiate literary, educational and charitable activities, which without limiting the generality thereof include promotion of various activities, such as music, dance and theatre, related to the culture, traditions and the language of the state of Maharashtra, India. To provide communication network for Marathi people across North America and bridge them with Marathi communities across the globe in coordination of Brihan Maharashtra Mandal.

Our Charter

Oregon Marathi Mandal (OMM) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, setup to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Maharashtra, a state in the Western part of India. OMM is actively involved in bringing area folks together for charitable, educational, environmental, religious, and scientific activities. It is a unique social community for area to renew cultural ties and encourage children to learn about the Maharashtrian tradition and culture. We invite everyone in or around Oregon area to join the group, who are interested in learning, preserving or implementing Maharashtrian culture and discover various resources in our region. Volunteer members have taken initiative to start new activities for local community building, celebrate various festivals and have partnered with various organizations around the region to join some on-going activities. We invite artists from India and host their performances. It is also a platform for the next generation to understand and preserve our customs and traditions and foster pride for our common language, culture and history.

Oregon Marathi Shala (OMS)

Oregon Marathi Shala (OMS) is a community school for teaching Marathi language and culture. OMS is part of Oregon Marathi Mandal (OMM). Our primary students are children of Marathi diaspora from in-and-around the Portland metro area. However, we welcome anyone interested in learning Marathi. Marathi teachers all over the world are welcome to use the coursework and material posted on this site for teaching purposes.

Uttar Rang | उत्तर रंग

उत्तर रंग (Uttar Rang): Life until age of 50 and life beyond the age of 50. We have common experiences and cultural background which we want to share. We have common issues to discuss. We have Marathi Mandal and Brihan Maharashtra Mandal to support us as Young adults, adults and aging adults. While enjoying and sharing our commonalities, we need to have a productive, peaceful and enjoyable life after 50.